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No Frills Basics

  • 7-page Static Website
  • WordPress Website Security
  • Premium Theme
  • File Maintenance & Backup (1 year – Deluxe)
  • Favicon
  • Support (1 hr/month – 3 Months)
  • Website Notification Banner
  • 3D Book Cover Image
  • Interactive Flip Book
  • Email Marketing Config
  • Email Template to Match Website
  • Shopping Cart Setup/Config Fee
  • Regular Price $609
  • 34% Discount Applied
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Annual Maintenance

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Perfect for Small Businesses

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* – Configuration Only. Does not include subscription to Email Marketing plan.

** – Configuration Only. Does not include purchase of Shopping Cart plan


SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is available for each of the Website Packages listed above. The prices are the same for all Website Packages. The SEO Keywords are generated for the 5 most prominent web pages.

This service utilizes SEO expertise which includes:

  • Keyword Research and creation
  • Title Tag creation
  • Description Tag creations
  • Creation of Google Analytics account (linked to website)
  • Creation of Web Master Tools account (linked to Google Analytics account)
  • Creation of a Sitemap (linked to Web Master Tools account)

An SEO plugin is installed on your website. All SEO Keywords/Key Phrases and Page Descriptions are added to each webpage within the SEO Plugin’s configuration. This Plugin allows you to continue to add keywords, page descriptions, and titles to each of your blog posts.

Regular Price for this SEO service is:  $599. You save over 16%  on this invaluable service.

Current pricing: $499

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** Only includes shopping cart setup. Does not include cost of shopping cart.
Note:  Prices are subject to change.