Rank Tracker Reporting

Track the Success and Misses of your Keyword Phrases

Silver Knight has partnered with another great company to give you important information about your website. It’s not any good to just have keywords on your website and not know how they are helping or hurting you.

Now you can find out how your keywords are ranking each week with a PDF report emailed directly to your inbox.

The Keyword Rank Tracker Reporting provides a weekly snapshot of how your keyword phrases are ranking in the major search engines.

Each week you will receive a PDF report in your email with the latest update to your keyword rankings. You’ll know if your rankings have gone up or gone down. This information along with using your Google Analytics reporting will help you to better position your website to attract more traffic and retain previous visitors.

This initial service provides for Keyword Phrase ranking for 15 keyword phrases. Additional keyword phrases can be added if necessary. Contact us details.

There is an initial one-time setup fee, followed by your subscription. Select the subscription you desire to suit your needs.


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