Craig Leonard Sr.


I highly recommend Silver Knight to anyone looking to start a website. The knowledge Greg has working with authors is second to none! I always feel that Greg has my back!! I have enough things to worry about but thanks to Greg and Silver Knight-----my website isn't one of them.

Craig Leonard Sr.

Dolores Jacobs


I have continually been impressed with the service Greg has provided to create and maintain my website. No problem was too difficult and he kept me well informed as development went along. I gained a better understanding of web technology because of Greg’s guidance, and I am very happy with my website.

Thank you, Greg.

Catherine Carrigan

President of Unlimited Energy Now in Atlanta, GA

Greg was so consistently kind and patient with me, I can't tell you how much I appreciate him.

When I realized just how excellent Greg is with communication, I realized that he was the person not only to help with the new website for my book (CatherineCarrigan.com) but also to help me rebuild my old website.

Because of Greg's excellent communication, excellent interpersonal skills, great patience and great website work, I was finally able to send out my very own newsletter this December and I am at last being able to take my main website... 

When you are trying to figure out something completely new and are already overwhelmed and intimidated with all the new information, it is so helpful to have kind and patient people to work with who are also excellent at what they do.

Thank you thank you thank you!!! W love

- Catherine 

Curtice Mang

Mang Writes LLC

Perfect. You're the best. Thanks.

- Curtice Mang

Valerie J. Prucha

VJP Publishing LLC

Hi Greg,
You are a genius! Its beautiful and I didnt give you much to work with.
You are absolutely fabulous!
Thanks Greg,
- Valerie

Mary Lesher

Graceful Road Music

You do beautiful work. Everyone that I have talked to has high praise for your work. I see why. Thank you, thank you thank you!

Best Regards
Mary Lesher
Graceful Road Music

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