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  1. Website Basics – Know and understand basic web terminology – This webinar is a great starting point if you are new to websites and exploring the internet.
  2. Domain Name – What is in a Name? – You may have heard the term Domain Name, but did you know how important a domain name really is to your website’s presence? Picking a good domain name will help to ensure people can easily find your website and easy to remember. Domain names are unique to each website. I’ll show you techniques to search for your unique domain name. Then we’ll discuss ways you can help people who have trouble remembering your exact domain name. A domain name’s registrant (the purchaser of a domain name, you) is public information. Learn how to protect your identity when you get a domain name.

    Domain Name Examples

  3. Website Content – Writing SEO Friendly Content
  4. Blogging – What is a Blog & How can it help you sell your book? – You want to sell you new book on your website. What this webinar to find out how Blogging on your website can generate more traffic. More traffic coming through your website will help to generate more sales.

Webinars to Get Started on Your Website

The following webinars are part of a series to help get the ball rolling on setting up your website. Click on the web link to view the webinar.

  1. Selecting a Theme for Your Website – Every WordPress website uses a theme. This Webinar is a guide in showing you what to look for when you are selecting a theme for your website. If you are not sure which theme is best for you. Let us know and we can help guide you.

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