Website Banner Notification

Display Announcements with a Banner Notification

Capture your website visitors attention as soon as they visit one of your landing pages. Use the Website Banner Notification to quickly draw attention to important information. When the link button is clicked you can direct your visitor to the webpage of your choice.

The “Marketing Possibilities” are only limited to your creativity. Here are a few examples of how you can utilize the Website Banner Notification:

  • Promote an up-coming book release
  • Offer a coupon code to people that click the button
  • Promote another one of your websites
  • Highlight an important/interesting Blog Post from your blog or a colleague’s blog
  • Sign people up to your Newsletter
  • Just send a warm “Happy Message” to your website visitors on the Holidays, or for no specific reason


Customize Your Website Banner Notification

Display a regular Manual message, a Twitter Username, or RSS Feed URL.

Choose from three different templates. These templates give the Banners edge look. See the Template Choices image below for examples.

Template Choices for Website Banner Notification







There are various other configuration settings for the Website Banner Notification. The following are some other setting that can be configured to customize your banner.

  • Banner height
  • Open/Close Functionality
  • Background colors, textures, and gradients
  • Font selection, style, color, and size

See the image below for an overview of the settings.

Configurable option for Website Banner Notification
























How Do I Get My Own Website Banner Notification?


Not Currently a Silver Knight Author Websites Customer? Not a Problem.

Just use the green button link below to order your Banner Notification. Once we receive your order we will contact you for a consultation on the details of your banner and how you can get your banner installed.

Order Website Banner Now


Current Silver Knight Author Websites Customers

You have several options:

If you are already subscribed to the 2 or More hours of Quarterly Website Support, the Website Banner Notifications are included in your Quarterly Support.

If you are not subscribed to the quarterly Website Support, then click this link to Subscribe to Website Support. Once you have signed up we’ll contact you to go over the configuration details of your banner.


If you are currently on the 1 hour Quarterly Website Support, you can do the following:

  • Call us and request an upgrade to your support plan
  • We’ll go over the details to configure your banner.


Feel Free to Contact Us with any questions that you may have.