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First Steps in Starting Your Own Website as an Author

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Starting Your Own Website

Whether your book is completed or still in revision, now is the best time to get started with your book promotion. Starting your own website as an author is easy. Just follow these steps to ensure you are on the right path to building successful and creative websites.


Know the Terminology

Know these key website terms to get you started so that you and your webmaster are talking the same lingo. 

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Domain Name Registration

Secure Your Domain Now

What is a Domain Name?

The Domain Name is a unique name that is used to identify your website. The Domain Name should be easy to remember, related to the content of your website, and be as short as possible.

PDF Download - Domain Name Examples

Domain Name Examples

Each Domain name has an IP Address. This is a numeric representation of the name of your domain.  The format of the IP address is similar to the following: “”. Think of a Domain Name as your street address to your home.

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Quick Links

Links Instead of Menus
  • Domain Name Search – Search for available Domain Names
  • Silver Knight Web Store – Check out the Web Store for Domain Names, Hosting, Search Engine Visibility, Email & Marketing, Shopping Carts, SSL & Security.
  • iStockPhoto – Search for Photos & Illustrations to use on your website.
  • Color Chooser – Select a background color for your website.
  • Google Analytics Account Login – Find out how traffic is coming and going into and out of your website.
  • Client Login – Renew Website Options: Monthly Maintenance & Annual File Maintenance & Backup. Sign in here.


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