First Steps in Starting Your Own Website as an Author

Starting Your Own Website

Whether your book is completed or still in revision, now is the best time to get started with your book promotion. Starting your own website as an author is easy. Just follow these steps to ensure you are on the right path to building successful and creative websites.


Know the Terminology

Know these key website terms to get you started so that you and your webmaster are talking the same lingo. 

  1. Web Browser – a software program you run on your computer to view data and image from the internet. Popular web browsers are Google Chrome, Microsoft IE, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari.
  2. Domain or Domain Name – the name of a website Ex: or Domain names are not case sensitive. You will see them always in lower case in a web browser.
  3. URL – this is a specific webpage’s address. A homepage of a website will end with a .com, .net, .org, or some other domain designation. For Ex: is the URL for a homepage. The URL for one of the pages on that website is as follows: The URL for this webpage is:  URL’s are typically links that you will see on websites and emails. They are clickable links that take you directly to that website/webpage.
  4. Address Bar – this is the text box in your web browser where you enter a Domain Name or URL. This text box is in the upper left-side of your web browser.
  5. Search Engine – a tool that runs within a Web Browser to search the internet. Typically there is a data entry box to type in your search terms. This is usually to the RIGHT or below the Address Bar.
  6. Web Hosting – web hosting is a service that maintains all of your websites files, images, and configurations and then serves those files to a web browser requesting that information.


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Get your Domain Name(s)

What do you want to call your website? How do you want to be recognized as an author. Make sure to secure your own name, the author name, as one of your domain names.

PDF Download - Domain Name Examples

Domain Name Examples


  1. Make sure the domains you want are available. Click here to use the Domain Name Search Tool to easily check for domain name availability.
  2. If the domains you want are available, register it before it’s taken by someone else. We are all connected and someone else out there could be sharing the same ideas as you.


Get Web Hosting – Managed WordPress Hosting

Find a reliable hosting company that offers the following:

  1. 24/7 PHONE Support
  2. 99.9% UPTIME GUARANTEE on network
  3. Daily backup & 1 click restore
  4. Redundant firewalls, malware scanning, and DDoS Protection
  5. Hosting built specifically for WordPress
  6. Designed to handle huge traffic spikes with automatic scalability
  7. sFTP access to WordPress files.

Silver Knight Web Store offers you:

Click the links to read more and visit the SilverKnightWebStore.COM for other great products.



What’s Next?

If you are just looking to get a website for your book or business, click the link here for Website Package Plans to see what is available.


The next step

In both instances above, Let us know you are ready to get started with your website.

Contact Us by Clicking here for the Contact Page.


We’ll set up a time for a Free consultation to go over any questions you have at this point. Then…

  1. You will be sent a Website Setup Form to be completed.
  2. You will be guided to select a Theme for your website. This gives the website it’s overall look and feel.
  3. We’ll go over any enhancements you may want to add functionality and style.

You will be guided through the rest of the website building process. You are in good hands. We are here to answer your questions

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