Shopping Cart Solution

Sell any Product or Service From Your Website

To maximize your returns, you want to make sure you have an amazing shopping cart solution to sell anything from your website. If you have written an eBook, taken photos, or made digital recordings, you want to be able to sell your digital products through secure downloads. Quick Shopping Cart®, 1Shoppingcart™, and E-Junkie enable you to sell physical as well as digital media. Plus your digital media is safe by using a secured download link that has limited access.


Can You Setup My Shopping Cart For Me?

Yes, we can. We’ll setup your shopping cart so you can get started selling withing a few days. We encourage you to get involved to know how to make simple changes to your products.

There is a small fee for setup and configuration of the shopping cart. The fee covers setting up your physical books (paperback/hardback) and all versions of eBooks that you will be selling. Check out the Shopping Cart Setup/Configuration link for a listing of action items that are performed during the shopping cart setup/configuration.


How Do I Know Which Shopping Cart to Choose?

Each shopping cart offers different features to help meet your needs. We can setup a Free consult to go over your requirements so that you are matched with the best shopping cart solution. When just starting out we recommend the  “Economy” Quick Shopping Cart® for the best overall solution. The “Economy” cart can be easily upgrade if necessary. This shopping cart also allows you to link your products to a Facebook page so your Facebook friends can view what you are selling when they are on your Facebook Fan page.


How Do I Process Payments with a Shopping Cart?

You can sign up for a Business PayPal account and link it to your shopping cart.


Shopping Cart Examples



E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery