Standard Website for Authors

The Website Design is built on WordPress Software from WordPress uses interchangeable Themes and software modules called Plugins to help give your website the look, feel, and functionality you desire. By using WordPress to build your website, you can easily add new web pages whenever you like.

The “Standard” website includes a total of 5 web pages. The web pages that come with each website are as follows: a Home page, a Contact Page, About the Author, About the Book,  and a Blog page.

Additional web pages and Enhancements can be added easily, (Click on the link for “Website Enhancements” – to get additional details, and to find out more on “Website Support” or “Website Customizations”).

Typical Author Websites Include

  • Home
  • About the Book
  • About the Author
  • Blog
  • Contact Page


* These pages are added when a theme from the Elegant Themes gallery is selected. (See the Themes page for a link to view the themes from the Elegant Themes gallery

Give your website visitors the convenience to purchase your book right from your website. An additional menu item can be added titled, Shop Here. It is linked to a Shopping Cart. Take a look at the Shopping Cart Solution page for more details on shopping carts to add to your website.


Other Web pages for your Author Website

Optional pages that can be added to the standard website can be anything else to help promote your new creation.  Here are a few examples for you to choose from below:

  • “Home” Page – make your statement. We can post a photo of your choice to a part of the banner. The image can be something about your book, or just something that really connects with you on a personal level. On the Home page, give your readers a taste of what they can expect from visiting the rest of your website. This could also be your Blog page if you wish.
  • “About the Author” – This is where you describe the background of who you are to your readers. Let them get a feel from where you came so they can connect with you better.
  • “About the Book” – Talk about your book. Get people excited about what you have written. Provide enough details so they want to read it and share it with others.
  • “Testimonials” – Once people have read your book and they express to you how much they love it, let their Testimonials help guide others to read your book.
    • Testimonials can be provided in various formats:
      • As text (including pictures, if desired).
      • As videos (these are links to YouTube specific videos)
  • “Appearances/Events Calendar” – Let website visitors know where and when you will be doing a public appearance. These can be anything from a Book Signing, a Release Party, a Reading, or other types of Performances. We can link them to Google Maps so people can get proper directions.
  • “Book Samples” – Let readers get a taste of your book through sample pages. Offer these for FREE in exchange for their email address by subscribing to your Newsletter. Book Samples can be any of the following formats:
    • A PDF file that might have one chapter that a reader can download.
    • An audio excerpt that readers can stream or download.
    • A video trailer (this can be done through YouTube or Vimeo).
  • “Blog” – Blogging is the best way to communicate with your readers. It’s recommended that every author begin blogging as soon as possible, and even before your book is completed.
  • “The Library” – if you have other books already published, this page can provide links to those books’ websites or individual pages.
  • “Media” – if you have newspaper or magazine articles written about your work, spread the news. If you did a radio interview, audio clips can be posted here as well.
  • “FAQ” – Do you get a lot of questions from your readers that are the same? Why not consolidate all the repetitive questions in one place.
  • “Upcoming Releases” – Display a listing of your upcoming releases.
  • “Embedded Videos” – Embed videos relating to your book, or videos of yourself promoting your book.
  • “Photo Viewer” – Albums/photos can be easily displayed on your website.

If you want additional pages beyond the standard pages that come with your package, we can add them to your website at any time. There is no limit to the pages you can add. We will work with you, to make the best use of your website’s space.

Note: Images are not included. The author must provide copyright-free images to be used on the website. Many images can be purchased from image providers. See the Images web page for links to companies that provide images that may be used on websites.


Author Website Examples

Silver Knight has built many Author Websites. Each has its own distinct style and look. Take a look at our Author Website Links Blog Category showing descriptions and links to several of these authors.


What do we need to know to get the ball rolling?

To get started on your website design we need to get some information from you. Fill out the Contact Page form and request a “FREE Consultation for Getting a Website“. We will contact you to schedule a phone call to see how we can best meet your needs.