Author Reading to Promote Your Book

Author Reading to Promote Your Book

An Author Reading Brings You Closer to Your Audience

There’s nothing better than having an Author Reading, and being right there with your audience. Getting your books content out to the public with a public Author Reading can be exciting, engaging, and even scary. Let’s take the fear out of this venue. Let’s focus on what we want to happen, and have a great reading.

There was a blog post written by Chris Robley about what you should not do at your next reading. Chris’s content came from another blog post written by Carrie Etter, on things not to do when reading poetry to an audience.

Chris figured the same points would be just as good for an Author Reading. His blog post gives a summary of those points given by Carrie and a few of his own suggestions. And at the end he invited people to suggest what SHOULD you do, instead of not do. You can find links to Chris’s post here, and Carrie’s full post here.

Things Authors Should Do for their Author Reading

This blog post takes Chris’s action item, and puts a positive spin on the those points. A negative thought will manifest just as much as a positive one. So let’s keep our thoughts positive, and your next Author Reading will be well received.

Here are suggestions that you SHOULD consider before your next Author Reading.

  1. Make sure your reading is within the allotted time. Practice your reading ahead of time by timing yourself.
  2. Have a clear head by getting a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast.
  3. Speak clearly and enunciate your words. Speak at a steady pace.
  4. Keep in mind that your book is amazing. You love your book, so others will love it too.
  5. Use the microphone if you are provided with one. It’s there so you can be heard. Let everyone hear your creation.
  6. Read only your published works. Books in progress need to go through a complete revision and editing process. Save work in progress for your next reading after it’s published.
  7. Read from something that is easy to handle, such as a tablet. Keep a “broken-in” copy of your book or a print-out handy if technical issues crop up.
  8. Arrive early. Even if you have to sit and wait ½ hour, it’s much better to be early.
  9. Only perform within the time limit the organizer has provided. Have a plan and stick to it.
  10. Stand still while you read. Practice your reading in front of a family and friends. Ask them to let you know if you are moving around.
  11. Keep your hands on the podium or on your reading material. This will keep your hands from fidgeting.
  12. Give a brief intro about your book. Say enough to wet their appetites for what is about to come.
  13. If there are multiple readers at this event, then show them respect during their readings as you would want to be respected while you read your book.
  14. Keep your voice moving fluidly with emotion and passion. Try recording yourself and listen to make sure you are presenting your story as you want it to be heard. Have a friend or family member video your practice readings and you will get a full picture of how you are projecting yourself to others.
  15. Make eye contact with your audience. This will help you to connect with them better. Practice this beforehand as well.
  16. As a chapter ends, pause to let the events of what was just read to sink in.
  17. Let your book speak for itself, and for you. You put your heart and soul into your book. As you read it, people will know that you and your creation are both wonderful.
  18. Everyone who hears or reads your book will connect with it in their own special way. Know this to be true.
  19. Brink books to Sell with you. Bring extra books, then bring some more. Believe that you are going to sell every single book that you bring.
  20. Thank your audience, your Host, and anyone else there that gave you assistance before, during, and after your author reading.


Most Importantly if you haven’t done so already…. Fall in Love with your book. If you love what you wrote and created, than it will come through as you do your author reading. Your audience will feel your emotion coming through. This will allow for a better connection with your new and long-lasting fans.