How to Promote Your Book using Pinterest

How to Promote Your Book using Pinterest

Using Pinterest to promote your books has been demystified, thanks to Courtney Gordner, She wrote a guest blog post on Joel Friedlander’s Blog, titled “How to use Pinterest to Promote Your Book”. After reading this post you will realize that Pinterest can be a great asset when it comes to promoting your book.

Courtney explains the concept behind the Pinterest website. She also explains how authors can use Pinterest and what elements should be included in their “pins”.

Follow along in her blog post and she will show you how to promote your book using Pinterest. The results? You will engage your readers through this social media platform like never before.

After that, click on over to Courtney’s blog “Talk Viral” for this post titled “5 Tips for Utilizing Pinterest for Business”. If you still have questions, send her a message in the Comments section.

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    Happy Pinning.