Joan Shaver – Author

Joan Shaver – Author

Joan Shavers Motto is: “Be Bold – Be Beautiful – Be True To Yourself”


Book Title: Lipstick and Soul

Self-care practices that are relational, embedded in feminine presence flourish. Therefore, the key to a successful self-care practice starts with understanding the quality of relationship you have with your core self. Could the relationship you have with yourself be more loving, wise?

Joan Shaver has authored Lipstick and Soul because if you are like most women, you have a blind spot. You believe you are emotionally open and available for relationship when in truth you have a strike against you. You undoubtedly care more for the needs of others than you care for yourself!

Let’s face it! It’s difficult to nurture yourself the way you need to when you anticipate your self-care actions will undermine your relationships. Learn how it can be different! Explore Joans website and sign up for Joan’s newsletter