Nadine Nelen Breaks Through Fear

Nadine Nelen Breaks Through Fear

Author Name: Nadine Nelen


Nadine Nelen - Book cover - YES I Do & I Did

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Nadine shares her story with the purpose of helping you take a closer look at your own fears and dreams, and break free from your own struggles.

According to Nadine, “The key is to know when and how to turn this around. The mind can be trained to pick up on this self- destructing behaviour, as well as to install new and healthier habits than beating oneself up. The sooner you pick them up, the faster they run and the less they have the need to reappear in your life. In the end, we are in control of our lives. We are the director and the actor at the same time, and we can change the movie anytime we see fit. Not by fiddling with the screen where the movie is projected upon but to go to the place where the projector stands and inspect the projector, a.k.a. our mind.”