Author Domain Names

Author Domain Names

As an Author, Make Sure You Own Your Author Domain Names

Every Author should have their own Author Domain Names. This is the name that you will use on the cover of your books. If you are using a “Ghost Writers” name, it’s still important to obtain Domain Names for this as well. This is your creation, your “Brand”. You want to protect your “Brand” moving forward for all your future book releases.

Once people begin to know you as an author they may try to look for your website by your Author Name. As long as your webmaster has added Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to your website, then people should still be able get to your website easily enough. However, you don’t want someone else setting up a website using your Author Name as the domain name. This may cause confusion with your audience. This is especially true if they find a website with similar content, but not exactly what they were looking for on your

Protect Your Author Name

Owning your Author Domain Names will prevent other people from capitalizing on your success as an author. Protect your Author Name by preventing someone else from setting up a website using your name. Even if you do not have a website on your Author Domain Name, you can have those domains redirected to the domain where your website is located. Check with your domain registrar for assistance on Domain Forwarding.

For some authors they miss the opportunity to secure their own author name and other people will capitalize on that authors success. Check out the two authors below to see how other people are capitalizing on the Author Name.

Stephen King’s website is on the domain, stephenking.COM. That’s great he owns the domain for his author name, but someone else owns stephenking.NET. This is a Parked Domain. A Parked Domain is a domain name that has links for the owner of the domain to earn money each time someone clicks on a link from the Parked Page.

This Janet Evanovich’s domain, She is using only her last name. I checked the domain for her full author domain name,, and found that someone else put up a website there to capitalize on her name.

These are not the scenarios that you want to happen to you.

Protect Your Future Philanthropy

When you are getting your Author Domain Names, it’s a good idea to get the .COM and the .NET. Consider getting the .ORG as well. You never know, down the road you may start a Non-Profit Charity. When it’s time to build that Charity Website you will be covered, because you were smart and protected your “Brand”.

Search Domain Names For Free

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  1. I’d like to register the domain names Once a and

    • Hello John James Irwin,
      Registering a domain is very simple. First you will need to do a search to ensure the domains are available.

      Just visit the Silver Knight Web Store by using the link in the article under Search Domain Names For Free or by copy and pasting this link into your web browser:

      From there you can begin your search to see if the domains you want are available. If they are you can continue on to register them. If you need assistance while you are searching, call the sales and support number in the upper right hand corner of the Web Store’s site, and they can assist you.